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Hook: #14 – 22 scud / emerger
Thread: desired body color: claret, rusty blown, copper, chartreuse
Air Bubble: clear glass bead
Gill: Glamour Madeira No. 8 Prism White or other white fiber – polyolefin, polypropylene
Head: Black brass or tungsten bead
Body: clear stretch cord, .5mm or smaller

Start with a clear glass bead on the hook right behind the eye


Tie in thread behind bead; tie in gill fibers extending forward over the bead; half hitch or whip a knot and clip thread




Add a black brass or tungsten bead large opening first, and push up next to glass bead


Choose thread of desired body color; build a thread dam behind head bead to hold in place; cover hook shank down the bend and back with tight thread wraps


Tie in a length of stretch cord behind the head bead; stretch cord as you wrap over it down the bend and back up to behind head


Touching wrap the stretch cord over the thread back up to the head; tie off; stretch cord and clip extra; whip finish



Clip gill fibers to desired length

Head cement behind head to secure knot.