We have taken the Root Beer Midge and per Larry Wegmann suggestion, added the filaments.  Larry said that this has been doing astoundingly good. Larry is planning on writing an article for the newsletter with full explanation on midge life cycles with photos to document why this works. Larry uses nylon rope fibers. Dave Tucker uses Antron. Cul de canard works but per Larry, it is not durable.  Fly tied by Dennis Stead – size 18.


  1. Hook: Tiemco TMC100BL
  2. Hook Size: 16, 18, 20
  3. Filaments: Nylon or Antron fibers
  4. Thread: White 8/0 UNI-Thread and 6/0 Rusty Brown UNI-Thread
  5. Head: Brass Bead Copper size 2.0mm or 2.4mm
  6. Body: Stretch Tubing medium – Shrimp, Tan or Brown

Tying Steps


You can wait to put the brass bead on after you tie on the filaments, but after I tie on the filament, I will whip finish, cut the white thread.  Use a little of Dave’s flex cement and pull the brass bead over the thread.

Installing the stretch tubing takes some practice.  The more you tie using the stretch tubing, the better you get at installing on the hook.  That goes without say, the more you tie, the better you get.

If you would like this recipe downloaded to your phone or computer, click on the name below and it will be downloaded.

Root Beer Midge with filaments