The Harvester Midge is sometimes called a Rusty Midge.  It is Russ Doughty’s favorite.  At our MTFA meet, he claimed to catch over 100 trout in a single day on this fly.  He uses as a gun metal or black tungsten bead for overcast days and on a sunny day, changes the bead to copper.  He ties the fly like he is tying it on a size 18 hook but uses  hook size 14.

midge-russ-harvester-midge-1 midge-harvester-midge-russ-doughty-sunny

Harvester Midge


  1. Hook: Tiemco TMC2499SP-BL or TMC2487
  2. Hook Size: 14, 16, 18, 20
  3. Head: Tungsten or Brass Bead, 14 – 3.2mm, 16 – 2.8mm, 18 – 2.4mm, 20 – 2.0mm
  4. Thread: UNI-Thread Rusty Brown 8/0
  5. Ribbing: Small Black wire

Fishing instruction:  Dead drift with a strike indicator.  Also can be used as a dropper off another hook.