Midge (Diptera) Pupa from The Basic Manual of Fly-Tying by Fling and Puterbaugh

Hook: #18 – 24 wet/midge/scud/emerger
Thread: tan or color to best match local hatch
Body: hackle stem color to match local hatch or floss (white or to match local hatch)
Rib: if the body is floss add a fine gold wire rib
Wing casing: pheasant, turkey, duck, goose quill
Thorax: brown or tan dubbing Legs: partridge hackle fibers

This is a midge pupa imitation fly, so there are many options – especially try to match the colors to the local hatch

This hook is a #18 scud, up eye, 1x heavy, 1x short – but use what fits your fancy

Here, tan thread

Here, the center stem of a tan hackle feather is used for the body, but any material that will create a segmented and narrow body works; i.e. floss and fine gold wire

Here, pheasant tail is used for the wing case, but turkey, duck, and goose also work

Dub a brown / tan thorax

Fold the wing case material forward, tie off, and clip out the extra


Here, partridge is used for the legs

Whip finish and head cement or resin