lil-easy lil-easy

Did you know that this pattern “LiL Easy” was created in 1996 by Carolyn Parker of River Run Outfitters?  She created it as a dry fly or just sinking under the surface.  I found out about it from Ty at the Plateau Fly Shop.  He said that Carolyn had a great fly called the little easy.  I could not find it on their web site, so I asked about it and she gave me the recipe.  Here it is. (PS- check out River Run Outfitter’s web site – )


  • Hook: TMC100BL or TMC101
  • Hook Sizes: 18, 20, 22
  • Thread: UNI-Thread 8/0 (but Carolyn uses 14/0)
  • Body: Small Ultra Wire Red (but can used copper, green or black)
  • Hackle: Grizzly Micro Bard

Fishing instructions: Per Carolyn – fish as a dry fly, or sink and fish as you would an emerger.

Tying Steps


A few tying notes.  I the 4th picture above, I used a hackle guide.  I just do not have the experience of tying in the hackle like those who have been tying for a long time.  I also use this hackle guide to burn off the hackles that get tied in by the eye.  Last if you do not use the Micro Barb hackle, your fly will look different.  Looks more like a spider.