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Hook: #16 – 32 scud
Thread: to match body
Head: dark glass or tungsten bead sized to hook
Gill: a few strands of white glamour madeira
Body: choice color glamour madeira

Thread bead onto hook and clamp into vise

Tie on thread behind eye; tie in a few strands of white glamour madeira; whip knot or half hitch thread and clip; pull madeira strands over eye; pull bead up over madeira



Tie thread in behind bead and wrap part way toward hook bend; tie in desired strands of glamour madeira in color of choice; wrap over madeira down around hook bend; take thread back up behind bead


Touching wrap maderia up the hook shank to the bead; tie in; tie off; twist madeira strand at bead and clip close to shank



Clip white madeira (gills) to length of bead

Whip finish; head cement.