Midge Larva from Fling and Puterbaugh The Basic Manuel of Fly-Tying where the focus is on imitating nature and not on named fly patterns

Hook and thread: Chose a hook size and thread color to match midge hatch in your waters
Rib: fine gold wire
Body: white floss
Throat: fine hair or hackle fibers
Thorax: dubbing to match thread

Lay down a thread base; as you tie in the rib and body create a taper from the tail to the center of the body

Tie in rib wire


Tie in body floss; white floss is supposed to become translucent when wet so it will adopt the color of the base thread; wrap forward in touching wraps leaving room for thorax; tie off

Wrap rib rib forward over body in spiral wraps; tie off

Flip hook; tie in throat fibers on shank underside leaving room for thorax; these fibers are short

Flip hook; create a dubbing noodle to match thread color; dub thorax being careful not to crowd the eye

Whip finish; head cement