tied by Christian Andrews

Hook: # 14 – 18 scud / emerger
Thread: gray
Tail: grizzly hackle fibers
Body: grizzly hackle stem
Thorax: grizzly hackle (trimmed)
Antenna: grizzly hackle fibers
Head: thread


Lay down thread base
Tie in a few grizzly hackle fibers for a tail, 1/2 body length or so
Strip all fibers from a grizzly hackle to create a stem; tie in at tail and touching wraps to about half up the hook shank; tie in and snip off extra
Tie in grizzly hackle and wrap to create thorax
Catch in a few fibers from the thorax hackle forward over the hook eye for feelers.
Tie in hackle and snip off extra
Wrap a thread head and whip finish
Trim thorax hackle to create a the thorax
Head cement