This is a very simple midge to tie; about the hardest thing is getting the tubing on.  I have medium stretch tubing, tan and shrimp color.  If you have Color Sharpie Permanent marks, your tubing can be any color, just use the Sharpie.  John Bush and Todd Fecho were catching a lot of trout on this little midge.   John likes and uses the Tiemco TMC3761 or the Dai Riki 060.  Fly tied by Dennis Stead – size 18.


  1. Hook: Tiemco TMC100BL
  2. Hook Size:  16, 18, 20
  3. Head: Tungsten or Brass Bead Copper 2.0mm
  4. Body: Wapsi Stretch Tubing brown
  5. Thread: UTC-Thread 8/0 or 6/0 Brown or Camel
  6. Ribbing: Brown Thread

Tying Steps

If you closely at the ¼ inch cut tubing above, one is ½ colored with a Brown Sharpie.  I like the tan color and that is what I used for the following steps.

With the thread, seal the end of the tubing.

Fishing instructions:  Dead drift with strike indicator.  Or off another fly using sinking line or leader and strip.

If you want a detail printout of this Root Beer Midge, just click to the ROOT BEER MIDGE below and a pdf file will be down loaded to your computer.