Dorsey’s Top Secret Midge fly tying pattern.  This midge pattern catches fish.  MTFA club member John, uses this fly at Roaring River, Bennett Springs and Taneycomo with great success.  We have made a few changes when tying this fly.  Instead of white thread 6/0 for ribbing, we use Metallic Pearl Embroidery Thread which was bought at JoAnn’s.  The secret material for the wings is called Glamour Madeira, an embroidery thread with some sparkle material added.  Check out the article Glamour Madeira by N. Taylor posted on the web.  Copy is show below.  We have found that Kreinik Very Fine #4 – No.032 11M or Fine #8 – No.032 10M Metallic Pearl sold at Jo Ann’s is a great substitute.  John like to use Camel thread and Rusty Brown Dubbing.   John has the best results with this combination.


  • Hook: Tiemco TMC2499SP-BL or TMC2487
  • Hook Size: 18, 20, 22,24
  • Body: UNI-Thread Dark Brown or Camel 8/0
  • Ribbing: Metallic Pearl Embroidery Thread-Coats & Clark
  • Wings: Kreinik Metallic Pearl very fine #4 – No. 032 11M or fine #8 – No. 032 10M
  • Thorax: Super Fine Brown Dubbing (Rusty Brown)

wing-material coats-metallic-pearl-embrodery-thread-1