Tiger Tail

Per River Run Outfitters, this pattern was developed by Mike Curry a local fisherman.  This has been a go to fly lately. Carolyn, River Run Outfitters, said she caught over 30 trout in one day and one of her customer caught over 100.  I tied it with Chartreuse grizzly but olive is the preferred.  Suggest that you stop by River Run Outfitters and buy one of the flies they tied.  Then you will have a prototype to follow when you tie this Tiger Tail.

A few suggestions when tying this fly.  I used 0.015 lead wire with 12 turns on a size 12 hook.  You might want more turns on a size 10 hook.  I use 4 strands of peacock herl.  Instead of rapping the herl around the thread and palmer it forward, I would make one turn of the herl behind the thread, and then make one turn of thread over the herl.  I did this all the way to just behind the eye before I tied it off.   For me, it seem easier and do believe will keep the herl in place when it breaks.


  • Hook: Tiemco TMC5263
  • Hook Sizes: 8, 10, 12
  • Thread: UNI-Thread 8/0 Red
  • Body: Peacock Herl
  • Tail: Dry Fly Hackle, olive or chartreuse grizzly
  • Weight: Lead wire
  • Hackle: Olive or Chartreuse bugger hackle

Tying Steps

Step-1 Step-2 Step-3 Step-4 Step-5 Step-6 Step-7 Step-8

Fishing instructions: fish it on a sinking leader or sinking line and strip it.