Spun-Hair Streamer / Muddler Minnow
from Fling & Puterbaugh: The Basic Manual of Fly-Tying

Tie in thread about two or three eye lengths behind eye

Tie in gold tinsel at same point; touching wrap tinsel to hook bend and back to tie in point; tie off and clip extra


Cut matching sections from turkey wing or tail 1.5 hook shank length and 1/3 hook shank width; tie in at same location with wings streaming back over hook bend; clip butt ends to hook shank


Tie in a clump of deer hair at same location streaming back over 1/3 to 1/2 of wing; do not spin but adjust to cover sides and top of shank; clip butt ends long to match what will be the width of the spun and clipped head


Spin clumps of deer to cover the hook shank to the eye; pack; wrap thread in front of clumps at eye and whip finish





Trim spun hair to conical head being careful not to cut collar; singe to final shape


Head cement the whip finish knot.