tied by Christian Andrews

The recipe in Peter Gathercole’s The Fly-tying Bible names this streamer Olive Matuka and contains the following:
Hook: #2 – 10 3x streamer, weighted
Thread: olive
Rib: gold oval tinsel
Body: olive rabbit fur
Wing/tail: dyed olive grizzle cock hackle
Hackle: dyed olive grizzle hackle
Head: olive thread


My sample is tied with Pheasant side feathers, rust dubbing, and claret thread, and a Pheasant stainedglass window feather
Wrap weighed wire (lead) on hook shank and secure in place with thread wraps
Tie in gold oval tinsel to hook bend for rib
Dub the body in choice color; I used brown awesome possum for my sample fly
Choose two grizzle hackle feathers twice the length of the hook shank; stack with concave sides together; strip the fibers from the bottom front half of each feather and tie in the blunt ends behind the hook eye
Lay the wing/tail feathers on top of the body with the stripped side next to the body and the fibers extending up
Separate the fibers on the top side at the end of the hook shank and begin wrapping the rib holding the tail/wing feathers to the top of the body; wrap toward the hook eye separating the fibers as you go; tie off the rib
Tie in the front hackle and wrap; tie off
Create a thread head, whip finish, head cement