from Fling & Puterbaugh: The Basic Manual of Fly-Tying

Choose two light hackle feather tips and two dark hackle feather tips about 1.5 shank length for the wings (saddle feathers work well); clip ends to create tie ins; chose two of same feathers, one light and one dark for a front hackle

Tie in a thread base

Tie in a few strands of silver (or appropriate color for imitated bait fish) to the hook bend; touching wraps forward to two eye lengths behind eye


Tie in the two light hackle tips two eye lengths behind eye, one on each side of the shank, streaming toward the bend


Tie in one dark hackle tip on the back of the shank covering the light hackle tips

Tie in a second dark hackle tip on the front side of the shank covering the light hackle

Thread wrap the tie in ends

Tie in the two front hackle feathers two eye lengths behind eye; wrap to fill gap to eye leaving room for a head; tie in and clip ends


Wrap a thread head; whip finish; head cement.