Gartside Gurgler Tube Fly Recipe
by John Dozier

Tube: 1 1/2 “ tube
Junction tube: 3/32” tubing cut 1/8” to ¼” length
Thread: white 2/10
Tail: White Buck tail, flash: Pearl flashabou
Legs: white, rubber leg material
Body: white cactus chenille
Close cell foam, 1/8” thick, white

Cut junction Tube to size and place on pin (or use a paperclip instead of the tube pin)
Start thread wrap at junction tube connection
Tie in buck tail at connection with junction tube
Tie in flashabou on each side, leaving a flash tail past the tail
Tie in rubber legs at base of tail, measured to end of tail
Half hitch
Tie in tapered foam layer
Tie in and palmer chenille to make body
Pull foam forward and tie in at front of body
Tie in front rubber legs
Half hitch and add glue or head cement

or click here to watch video at Google.