Hair-Wing Streamer from Fling & Puterbaugh: The Basic Manual of Fly-Tying

Use a streamer hook 2x / 3x long
Tie in black thread two eye lengths behind eye

Tie in silver tinsel and touching wraps to the hook bend and back to the tie in point; tie off and clip extra



Invert the hook in the vise and tie in a white bucktail throat from behind the eye to the hook point; wrap under and behind the throat to get the hair to stay away from the hook shank; trim extra close to hook shank


Right the hook in the vise and tie in a white or light bucktail underwing to the desired length to imitate a minnow; clip extra at an angle


Tie in an overwing using dark bucktail (or any color but darker than the underwing); trim at an angle close to hook shank


Wrap a thread head covering the but ends of the trimmed bucktail; whip finish

Paint on a white eye on each side of the head; let dry; paint in (or permanent marker) a black dot in the middle of each white eye; head cement or UV resin over the entire head