tied by Christian Andrews

Hook: # 1 – 8
Thread: white, or to suit variation (i.e. pink for a pink head)
Eyes: weighted dumb bell
Under body: traditionally white bucktail – but be creative
Body flash: of choice
Over body: bucktail – color of choice, same or contrasting
Head: thread


So much variation with this fly. Tie it suit your situation and fancy
Lay base thread for dumb bell nest
Tie in weighted dumb bell eyes on top of hook shank, wrap with with “X” or figure 8 and under under ends to lock in; dab some glue or head cement over thread between dumb bell
Tie underbody (traditionally 2 – 2.5 inches of white buck tail) over eyes behind hook eye; tie in with a few wraps behind dumb bell, and loose spiral to hook bend and back ending with thread between dumb bell and hook eye
Flip hook so hook bend is up
Tie in flash in front of dumb bell streaming toward the back of fly
Tie in upper body with buck tail of contrasting color of choice in front of dumb bell; optional to do a few wraps behind dumb bell
Wrap head, whip finish, head cement