If you look at the original fly that Dan Ditzer tied, the Mylar Jelly Belly, you know that I had some issues tying this fly and added some metallic cord to beef up the body.  I thought about using a small piece of foam also to give the body some shape.  After using the foam, I notice that it looked like a Jelly Bean.  Inspired by Dan, I call this Dan’s Mylar Jelly Bean.

jelly-bean-8 jelly-bean-7mylar-jelly-bean-10 mylar-jelly-bean-8 mylar-jelly-bean-7dans-mylar-jelly-bean


  • Hook: Tiemco TMC5263 or TMC200R
  • Hook Size: 8, 10
  • Head: Brass Bead – Black or Gun metal – 3.2mm, 4.0mm
  • Tail: White Zonker (Rabbit) strip
  • Thread: UNI-Thread 8/0 White and Red
  • Body: Mylar tubing and Foam
  • Optional: Weed Guard or Flashabou

Tying Instructions:

  1. Debar Hook (I used TMC200R size 10) and put on a Brass Bead (Dan uses1/8” or 3.2mm)
  2. Cut a piece of foam strip (any color – jelly beans come is different colors – I like silver glitter) about as twice as wide as the gap of the hook
  3. Put down a white thread base on the hook to the barb
  4. Tie in a weed guard (optional)
  5. Cut approximately 3/16” of white zonker strip and tie it on the hook.
  6. Bring thread to the back of the zonker strip
  7. Tie in Flashabou (optional)
  8. Whip finish and cut thread
  9. Coat thread with Super Glue (I use Loctite Gel) and fold the foam strip – allow to dry.
  10. Now shape the foam
  11. Tie back on your white thread between the zonker strip and foam
  12. Slide the Mylar over the bead and onto the shank of the hook, over the zonker to the thread
  13. Wrap a few turns on to the Mylar and whip finish, cut the thread
  14. Apply head cement to the thread
  15. At the bead, tie down with red thread.
  16. Push back the mylar and cut off the excess
  17. Bring the weed guard or guards forward and tie down with the red thread (optional)
  18. Build up the thread to almost the diameter of the bead.
  19. Whip finish
  20. Use a Red Sharpie to color any mylar that might be exposed
  21. Apply head cement (optional UV)