Parachute Black Gnat Step-9 Parachute Black Gnat (Purple)

The Parachute Black Gnat is one of Sam Stewart’s favorite.  The last time Sam gave me one of this flies, the x-caddis, it took me almost 50 flies before I got mine looking like his.  Then I posted the x-caddis on our web site.    Sam has been tying flies for some time and makes it look easy. I did not have all the materials to tie a Parachute Black Gnat, so mine will be purple. I substituted black dubbing with UNI-Stretch purple, UNI-Thread Purple and a purple hackle.  Black or Purple, the tying steps are the same.

Note:– In tying the Parachute Black Gnat and came up with a few tying tips that I would like to share with everyone.

Tip 1- When tying on the egg foam for the parachute, cutting off the excess does not get close enough for me and leaves white egg foam that you have to cover with black thread.  But it you have a Thread Sealer, you can melt off the excess.  Then when tying with the black thread around the post, sometimes the white egg foam shows through.

Tip 2- Before you add the black hackle feather, use a Black Sharpie to color the white out.  See attached.


  • Hook: TMC100BL or TMC101
  • Hook Sizes: 14, 16, 18
  • Thread: UNI-Thread 8/0 Black (or purple)
  • Body: Black Dubbing (purple Uni-Stretch)
  • Tail: Black Hackle Barbs (Purple)
  • Parachute: White Egg Foam
  • Hackle: Black (Purple)

Tying Steps

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