From Fling & Puterbaugh: The Basic Manual of Fly-Tying

Choose thread and dubbing to match the hatch and season depending on what is swarming your waters

Hook: #20 or smaller dry fly
Thread: black
Tail: moose mane or havelina
Body: thread or black dubbing
Wings: polypropylene

Lay down a base of thread
Dub in a small lump right before the hook bend


Tie in a stiff fiber tail (moose mane, havelina) one on each side of the hook shank using the small hump to separate the tail fibers into a V


Dub the body to just past the 1/3 mark on the hook shank

Tie in a clump of polypropylene (macrame yarn) for the wings; figure 8 wrap to lay the wings spread and flat


Clip wings to length; total span is 1.5 hook shank length


Dub in a figure eight thorax; finish with a dubbing and thread head


Whip finish; head cement