Adams Irresistible

If joining two words makes a compound word (May+fly=Mayfly) does joining two flies make a compound fly? Adams+Irresistible=Adams Irresistible

Hook: #10 – 16 dry (can be tied on a wet because the deer hair will make it float)
Thread: tan
Tail: moose mane
Body: spun deer hair
Wings: tips of grizzly hackle
Hackle: brown and grizzly mixed


Lay down tread base

Tie in tail – length of hook shank


Spin a deer hair body; keep adding clumps and compressing toward the tail leaving enough room behind the eye for wings and hackle; two half hitches with your thread behind the eye will keep it in place while you clip – it will also keep your thread on the shank in case you happen to cut the thread while clipping

Clip and trim body to a taper; use a razor blade or scissors; take care not to cut the tail (if you cut the thread, just wrap it back on before you tie in the wings)

Tie in wings; thread wrap in front and behind, figure 8 to separate the wings

Tie in hackle (stack two hackle feathers together, pinch out the tip, and cut to a small triangle, tie the triangle between the wings; wrap twice behind wings and twice in front of the wings

Wrap a small head, whip finish, head cement