Instructions and recipe from Missouri Trout Flys by Ed Story

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Hook: #20 or smaller dry fly
Thread: olive
Tail: dark dun dry fly hackle fibers
Body: olive dubbing
Front hackle: dark dun dry fly sized (1.5 hook gape) to hook

Lay down base of olive thread

Tie in tail with hackle fibers length of hook shank; NOTE: on a small hook tie in the but end of a sized dry hackle with the hackle hanging off the bend of the hook, pull the hackle back toward the eye and snap off leaving a few fibers for the tail



Dub a fine olive body leaving room for the front hackle

Tie in and wrap front hackle with shiny side toward hook, 3 or 4 wraps, tie off, clip or snap off extra hackle



Thread wrap head, whip finish or double half-hitch, head cement.