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From Favorite Flies and Their Histories by Mary Orvis Marbury as illustrated by Charles Orvis


Hook: #18 – 32 dry
Thread: brown
Tag: gold tinsel
Body: brown chenille
Wings: brown dry fly hackle tips

Lay down thread base

Tie in tinsel above barb (if the tinsel is bi-color, tie in with gold facing the hook); with the gold side of the tinsel showing, make three overlapping wraps down the hook bend and back to tie in point; tie off, clip extra


Strip fibers from the end of a length of chenille; tie in above barb by center threads; take thread to behind eye; use touching wraps to cover the hook shank to the eye; tie off and clip extra



Prepare two brown dry hackle tips to shank length; stack the tips back to back; tie in over body behind eye; fold stems back and wrap over the stems; clip out extra stems



Finish wrapping the head; whip finish; head cement.