a flatwing dry fly by Vince Marinaro with recipe and direction by Ed Story in Missouri Trout Flys: How to Tye and Fish Them (mimeographed 1986)

Hook: dry #14 – 18
Thread: black or to match body
Body hackle: dry, dark
Body: dubbing – any brown, olive, or tan
Wing: tip of jungle cock (yeah, right) or tip of any small feather, hardened and laid flat on top of body

Prepare the flat wing: select out just the tip of a feather and strip stem leaving a wing length of hook shank; trim leaving a tie-in stem; harden feather with head cement or UV resin



Lay down a thread base

Tie in a dry hackle at hook bend shiny side out

Dub a slender body in color of choice


Palmer the dry hackle in spiral wraps over the body; tie in, tie off, and clip extra


Trim dry hackle fibers: short on top parallel to body; at an angle on bottom longer under the eye and shorter to the hook bend



Tie in the wing behind the eye, centered and laying flay on top of the body; tie off and clip stem


Wrap a thread head; whip finish; head cement.