This is a fly that Gary LaFontaine tied.  It represents an emerging caddis.  The inner body Gary used dubbing but I found that if I used Glamour Madeira prism white, I could color the thread with Sharpie markers.  The Madeira has a nice sparkle to it also, even when you color it and I can change the color.  The Sparkle yarn traps air bubbles.  Fly tied by Dennis Stead, size 14.


  1. Hook: Tiemco TMC100BL
  2. Hook Sizes : 12, 14, 16
  3. Thread: UTC 70 cream, UNI-Thread 6/0 Rusty Brown
  4. Tail and outer Body: Sparkle Yarn (yellow, tan, white)
  5. Inner Body: Dubbing or Glamour Madeira
  6. Wing: Deer Hair
  7. Head: Dubbing Rusty Brown

Tying Steps

Note: per Gary, this is one of the important step, to take section of the deer hair and tie through it with your thread.  Do this three or four times.  It will keep the Deer hair from rotating.

Fishing instructions: This fly is fished in the surface film.