From Fling & Puterbaugh: The Basic Manual of Fly-Tying – a George Bodmer design

Hook: #10 – 20 dry 2x or 3x long
Thread: black
Tail: moose mane (or havelina)
Body hackle: dark dry fly, 1.5 hook gap
Body: wool (drab)
Wing: elk or deer

Lay down a thread base

Dub a small lump above the barb; choose a color to match the body

Tie in two moose mane hairs for the tail, one on each side of the shank using the lump to split them into a V


Tie in a dark dry fly hackle at the tail

Tie in a strand of wool yarn to the tail

Touching wraps with the wool to create a body, layer for a bulkier body; tie off and clip two eye lengths behind eye

Spiral wrap the hackle over the body; tie off and clip


Measure a stacked pinch of elk hair from two eye lengths behind the eye to half way on the tail; tie in; clip excess at a slant close to the hook shank


Wrap a thread head over the clipped butt ends of the elk hair

Whip finish; head cement/resin