A fly developed by Mr. Bob Good and published in The Basic Manual of Fly-Tying by Fling & Puterbaugh

Hook: # 12 – 18 wet
Thread: olive, tan, or desired color
Wing casing: goose, turkey, pheasant quill
Body: wool, or dubbing, herl
Hackle: dark, 1 1/2 hook gap


Choose a thread color (olive, tan) desired for the the fly; lay down a thread base

Tie in a section of quill (goose, turkey, pheasant) as wide as 1/3 the hook length at the hook bend


Tie in the body material; Fling & Puterbaugh suggest wool, but other dubbing or herl can also be used; touching wraps forward; leave room behind the hook eye to tie in the hackle

Pull the quill up over the body; tie in and clip off excess


Two wraps of a dark hackle 1 1/2 the length of the hook gap is tied in infront of the casing

Whip finish and head cement.