One of a popular fly used in the Ozarks is the Elk Hair Caddis and you should have a lite color in you fly box..  When I first started tying this fly, I did not use the Yearly Elk Fur and did have some issues.  Since then I purchase Yearling Elk Hair from Spirit River Inc, pictures below.  Note – you can trim the hackle on the top of the fly before adding the Elk Hair.



  • Hook: Tiemco TMC200R, or TMC101
  • Hook Size: 12, 14, 16
  • Body: Tan Embroidery Floss
  • Thread: UNI-Thread 8/0, Cream or Tan
  • Tip (Tag): Ultra 70 or UNI-Thread 8/0, Fl. Pink
  • Hackle: Brown-Natural, (White-Bleached)
  • Wings/Head: Yearling Elk Hair – Natural, (Bleached for Lt)

Tying Steps


Fishing Instructions: Dead Drift.  Sam Stewart like to strip back when the fly breaks the surface tension of the water and sinks a little.