This caddisfly emerge is from The Basic Manual of Fly-Tying by Fling and Puterbaugh where the emphasis is on imitating nature.

Hook: #10 – 16 dry
Thread: 0/8 black
Tail: dark, soft hackle fibers
Body: two peacock herls (twisted into a rope)
Wing: white duck quill
Hackle: partridge neck (1 1/2 hook gap)

Lay down a thread base wrapping to the hook bend

Tie in a few fibers from a dark, soft hackle feather for the tail


Tie in two peacock herls to the hook bend, twist the herls with a dubbing loop into a rope, make touching wraps forward to a good eye length behind the eye; tie off and clip extra


Tie in two sections of duck quill laying down back over the body the length of the hook; choose quill sections from opposing feathers about as wide as 1/3 the hook shank, stack two section together with concave sides facing each other; clip out extra

Tie in a partridge neck hackle; hackle should be 1 1/2 hook gap; two or three wraps depending on how long the hackle feather is; tie off; clip extra, pinch back

Wrap a thread head; whip finish; head cement