From Peter Fling & Donald Puterbaugh: The Basic Manual of Fly Tying

Simple Mayfly Nymph

Hook: wet / nymph
Thread: brown
Tail: soft hackle fibers- brown
Rib: fine wire (here light gold)
Body: brown dubbing
Thorax: same brown dubbing
Throat: same soft hackle fibers as tail
Wing case: small feather clipped and glued

Fling and Puterbaugh suggest clipping a small feather and coating it with head cement to be used for the wing case. Or alternately, tie in the clipped feather and head cement / UV glue it in place after tying it in.

Lay down a thread base

Tie in soft hackle fibers for tail the length of the shank

Tie in fine wire for rib

Create a dubbing noodle and wrap the body to just past half of hook shank; tie off

Spiral wrap wire over body for rib; tie off

Add a dubbing noodle thorax; tie off

Invert hook; using soft hackle fibers like those used for the tail, tie in the throat; extend fibers from behind hook eye to hook point on underside of hook shank


Turn hook right side up and tie in small clipped feather wing case

Whip finish; head cement

If the feather was not glue coated prior to tying in, do so now