Adult Mayfly – Quill Wing

Hook: #10-16 dry
Thread: black
Tail: dark, stiff hackle fibers
Body: peacock herl
Wing: duck quillHackle: stiff dry hackle (here dark dun)

Lay down a base of thread

Tie in a few dark hackle fibers for the tail – hook shank length

Tie in two peacock herls to tail; wrap thread back forward leaving room for wing and hackle



Cut two wings from complimentary duck quills; stack so they flare apart; measure to length of hook from behind eye to end of bend; tie in at about 1/3 mark on shank with wings out over the eye; pull back on the wings and wrap infront to get them to stand; trim excess


Wrap thread back to tail; create a herl rope with a dubbing loop (spin herl and thread together clockwise); touching wraps back to wing; tie of and clip

Tie in hackle behind wings with stem between wings; trim extra stem; wrap twice behind wings and as many times as there is room between wings and eye; tie off

Pull hackle back and wrap head; whip finish and head cement