from The Basic Fly-Tying Manual by Fling & Puterbaugh

Hook: #10 – 16 dry fly
Thread: to match body – tan, olive, brown
Rib: thread
Tail: hackle fibers
Wing: polypropylene yarn
Front hackle: brown or dark dry fly sized to hook (1.5x gape)

Lay down a thread base; keep the tag end of the thread or tie in a six inch piece of thread for the rib

Tie in 8 – 10 hackle fibers for the tail – shank length – wrapping thread to hook bend


Dub the body, can be slightly tapered; leave a good eye length behind eye for the wings and hackle


Spiral wrap the thread over the body for the rib; tie off; clip extra


Tie in a strand of separated polypropylene yard ( more than twice the shank length) at the middle an eye length behind the eye; pull the ends of the yarn so they are perpendicular to the shank, one end on each side of the shank; X wrap to secure the wings perpendicular; pull up on the yarn ends and wrap tight in front and behind to make them stand up




Cut the wings to shank length

Tie in a dry fly hackle by the butt end; tight wrap behind the wing three or four times; tight wrap in front of the wing three or four times; catch in the hackle feather; pull all the hackle fibers toward the hook bend and clean wrap over the stem to create a head; clip off the extra hackle feather tip



Finish wrapping the head; whip finish; head cement