4-13-2019 Club fishing outing to Montauk State Park

By Bob Randall on Sunday, April 14th, 2019 in Fishing reports, Fishing Trip, Flies, No Comments

Attending Mike Kidd, John Bush, Bob Randall.  Fly of the day was a green wispy fished on a sinking line/leader.  Water was high and fast. Fish seemed to be holding in the lower section of pools. Cast quartering downstream into the pool, then strip it back.  It was important to get the fly down low in the water column.  Mike was using a full sinking line with good success.  When I switched to a sinking leader, I chose the fast rate sinker. Before that, I had nothing, but after making the switch I had some success.  Caution: MDC has created some deep pools above the dam for about 100 yards.

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