October 2016 - Missouri Trout Fisherman's Association - Springfield Chapter

10/27/2016 Jolly Mill fishing trip

By Bob Randall on Friday, October 28th, 2016 in Uncategorized, No Comments

From John Bush: A little info about the upcoming club fishing outing. We’ll be going to Jolly Mill aka Capps Creek on November 5th. Jolly mill is approximately 7 miles west of Monett. I went out there a couple of weeks ago and ran into one of the people that run the park. The guy […]

10/22/2016 Club Chili Feed

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And all who attended had a good time!  We had our annual chili feed at Lake Taneycomo at the Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery fishing access pavilion.  Between Springfield members, Branson members, Kansas City members, some folks we invited to join us, we had close to 40 people.  We had plenty of food.  We couldn’t get all of […]

10/05/2016 Rockbridge

By Bob Randall on Sunday, October 9th, 2016 in Fishing reports, Social Events, No Comments

Three of went to Rockbridge last Wednesday, Oct 5, to Rockbridge Trout Resort.  Hoping the rain would pass ahead of us, Fred Brown, Pat Collins, and myself postponed our departure from Springfield until 8am.  For the most part it was dry on the way over and we were completely expecting blue skies.  We did see […]

10/09/2016 Trout talk

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While mowing the yard one day and wishing I was fishing, I made up a standup comedy sketch in my head.  It was about non-verbal trout language.  I laughed so hard at the image in my mind that I almost fell off my lawnmower.  I’ll spare you my humor but today I ran across a […]

10/07/2016, A fun way to score your fishing success

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I saw this hilarious post in the “Catch and the Hatch” Face Book page as a method of scoring your fishing day: “bull ride scoring”: If the fish is on for 8 seconds, count it as a catch, followed by an “in-stream release”. “baseball scoring”: hits (used the right fly, stealth, and drift.), runs (good […]

10/07/2016, Veto Clean Water

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You are probably aware that the Missouri legislature over-road several of Governor Nixon’s recent vetoes. Of interest to fishermen may be the law that changed the makeup of the state’s Clean Water Commission which helps set and enforce water quality standards aimed at preventing pollution. House Bill 1713 originally dealt with lagoon-based waste water systems […]

10/3/2016 – The Boys from Idaho and their Flies

By Dennis Stead on Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 in Fishing reports, Flies, No Comments

A few weeks back, Nellie and I (Dennis Stead) ran into the three young men from Idaho fishing at Taneycomo.  They told us that they work on oil drilling rigs for five month and then come to fish here in Branson for a month.  They also heard about MTFA Branson start up and thought that was […]

10/03/2016, Bass Pro buys Cabela’s for $5.5B

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I’m not sure whether this is good or bad but I always liked Cabela’s a little better than BassPro.  I also liked the idea of having an alternative.  Guess a trip to the nearest Cabela’s might be a good trip before the final change over.  Maybe they’ll have some good sales. http://www.outdoorhub.com/news/2016/10/03/breaking-news-bass-pro-shops-buying-cabelas-5-5-billion-dollars/

Fishing Adventure at Rockbridge Trout Park

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Next Great Weekday Fishing Adventure. Wednesday, October 5, at Rockbridge Fishing Resort. Rockbridge has a “locals appreciation day” on the first Wednesday of every month where they waive the $25 permit fee for locals. This is not catch and release, you must keep your fish at $4.95/pound (weight before cleaning). When I went last year, […]