Hook Retention in Northern Pike Study

By Bob Randall on Thursday, November 5th, 2020 in Fishing Wisdom, No Comments

The Short Explanation:

Deeply hooked crankbaits with barbs were typically free from the fish’s mouth in a couple of days

-Barbless hooks usually came out of the fish’s mouth in 24 hours or less

The Longer Explanation:
“This research has demonstrated that retained lures do have an impact on northern pike. In the laboratory setting in the short-term, lure retention does not appear to have significant physiological or behavioral impacts although these results may be complicated by the effects of confinement in this species. In the field,
pike released with a lure do show a period of reduced activity, eventually resuming normal movements within the lake. Pike appear to be able to rid themselves of retained lures following break off and there is a difference in retention time based on hook type but not hooking location.”

The study was a thesis presented for a Masters of Science Degree by Christopher Pullen at Trent University (Canada) in 2003. The entirety can be read at:  https://curve.carleton.ca/system/files/etd/ce20574d-c177-48d3-bb34-5648ab013630/etd_pdf/0ee2354d95189c37480af6a1a14bb686/pullen-theconsequencesofretainedluresonfreeswimming.pdf


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