Apricot Midge by Dennis Stead

By Bob Randall on Thursday, January 10th, 2019 in Fishing Wisdom, No Comments

Apricot Midge

If you were at MTFA’s meeting last Thursday, you heard the fishing report from Russ Doughty. It was not about his favorite harvester midge or his other favorite the Taneycomo Sculpin. Russ was fishing at Bennett Springs and there were two people catching a trout on every cast. When Russ asked them what they were using, they told him a black knat. So, Russ put one on and was not getting any success. The two fisherman finally told Russ what they were using and ties him up. It was a little Apricot Glo Bug material tied on a small hook with two split shots in front of it about 12 inches apart.

They were Czech Nymphing fishing. Czech nymphing is a special fly and method of nymph fishing that was developed in the regions of Middle and Eastern Europe. … Czech nymphs are weighted flies tied on grub style hooks, imitating fresh water shrimps or case-less larvae of caddis flies. They were cast their fly in a moving stream and pull it a little faster than the water was flowing. Counting to 6, they would raise their rod and have a catch.

I went to the Plateau Fly Shop and asked Alex what material Russ bought.   He said Glo Bug Apricot. I bought a bag and gave Alex to tie two flies for me. Using my TMC403BLJ size 18 with 1/180 lead head; he tied two styles for me. The following is what I bought and the flies. Good fishing.



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