By Dennis Stead on Saturday, December 30th, 2017 in Flies, No Comments

In Larry Wegmann’s article, Midges, he writes, “I discovered the photo of an emerging pupa with gill filaments and added this to my new flies.  I waited for the most difficult time to try the gilled midge, a clear blue sky at noon.  The pool I was fishing provided 20 trout that morning.  Jerry Jester was with us and caught 15 more from this pool.  On my first cast with the gilled midge, three trout rushed the fly and started fighting each other for first rights.  I caught around ten more trout with the gilled midge. “   The picture above is of a gilled midge pupa.

For detail information on how to tie this fly, go to our fly recipes on MTFA- web site.

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