Sparkle Yarn and others

By Dennis Stead on Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 in Flies, No Comments

Sparkle Caddis Emerger – Watching Gary LaFontaine’s video on how to tie the Sparkle Caddis Emerger, Gary talked about using Sparkle yarn and then later in the Video he called it Antron yarn.    I could not find Sparkle yarn or Antron yarn at Wal-Mart, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  I had Antron Dubbing I could use but it did not look like what Gary was using.  My search on the internet said that Antron was DuPont’s name for Nylon.  So my search for Nylon yarn took me back to Wal-Mart, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  The only Nylon yarn I found was a blend of 50% Nylon and Cotton.  But I did find 100% Nylon Thread.  Not the normal rolls of thread, this was more like a cord.  See Attached.  Wal-Mart had Tan, Blue and Red for $4.  Hobby Lobby had it in multicolor for $7. I bought Tan and Multicolor.  With my two rolls of thread, I cut a 6 inch section, pulled the three plies apart.  With a needle and wire brush, comb out the fibers in one of the plies.  The fibers we strong, long, thin, light weight and looked great.  See Attached.  But did not look like what Gary was using.  So, with my tail between my legs, I went to the fly shop.  And guess what; they had Anton yarn and Spackle yarn.  I bought a package of each.  The last picture shows what the 4 yarns look like together.  I liked the Nylon yarn and know that it will work on many old and new applications.  For now, I am tying Sparkle Caddis Emergers with the Sparkle yarn.

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