Club fishing outing to Roaring River SP, first day of C&R season

By Bob Randall on Sunday, November 12th, 2017 in Fishing Trip, No Comments

Great day, good fishing.  Attending:  Howard Hawkins, Harry Morgan, Matthew Peet, John Bush, Ron Ward, Dick Solomon, and myself.  There was a special appearance at lunch time of the David Cook, the Kansas City chapter president.  David is also a Branson chapter member.  He said there were about 10 MTFA-KC members down stream fishing and they had been doing well.

I landed 15 fish, Harry caught probably 25.  Others had varying success but all had a good time.  Dick Solomon shouted to me across the stream that he had caught a lot of fish but he had to leave early and I never had a chance to talk much with him.  I started at the upper section of the wade fishing zone, then stepped up to the next pool upstream.  Using Dennis Stead’s Short Fat Wooly Buggers, I caught 9 fish.  I used white, olive, and purple.  All caught fish but the white was the preferred color.  At that location, I found they wouldn’t hit it if I stripped it.  Had to keep it still but out of rocks and grass.  After lunch we went down to the very lower pools just above the dam.  I continued to fish with the SFWB’s and caught four more.  Harry mostly used the red or green wispys about midway in wade fishing area where he cleaned up.  John used wispys all day.  Harry finally tied on a white SFWB and caught a few more down near the dam.  I had a purple SFWB tied on as a hopper and a white one as a dropper.  Mostly the white one was preferred but a couple of fish seemed to ignore the white one and chase the purple one.  Also was a day when a lot of fish would eyeball it once, twice, three times and just turn away.  Most of the fish were 14ish length.  I measured one at 15.  I can now attest that Dennis’s SFWB’s catch fish.   Bob Randall

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