May 19 & 20, Derby camp out

By Bob Randall on Monday, May 29th, 2017 in Fishing Trip, Social Events, No Comments

The derby didn’t get washed out but it was almost blown away.  I arrived about 2 pm on Friday, and set up my tent. I had difficulty deciding where to put it because of the anticipation of rain. The flattest spot was also in the apparent wet spot. I finally picked a spot that would be dry but not level.  Dick Solomon arrived with stories of good fishing at the “Gut Hole” and the outflow stream. Mike and Faye Kidd drove up and while we were all visiting, a park employee drove up and told us we needed to evacuate immediately as the tornado warning only gave us 15 minutes. I started grabbing things and zipping up the tent. John Bush arrived and was no sooner out of his car than the park ranger drove up and told us to evacuate. All this time, Dick was involved in the telling of a story about wooly buggers.  Dick was born in Oklahoma and is apparently immune to tornadoes. He also must be afflicted with the same malady as all good story tellers as stories aren’t over until they’re over. I finally told him that we had to go. Dick decided to drive home. Mike said his cabin had two extra beds and we could stay there. We jumped in and all took off except Dick changed his mind and stayed in camp.   He slept in his truck that night, springing a leak in his camper shell, and sharing his new air mattress with about 3 gallons of rain water. Too bad he didn’t move into my tent as the interior was dry as a bone the next morning. John and I were warm and dry in the Kidd’s cabin. Thanks to Mike and Faye. We always have an adventure!

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