June 10 upcoming Float Trip on James River

By Bob Randall on Monday, May 29th, 2017 in Fishing Trip, Social Events, No Comments

We’ll be floating/fishing from the Delaware Town Access between Nixa and Clever down to the take out at Shelvin Rock Access on Saturday, June 10. We’ll meet at Shelvin Rock to drop off our take out vehicles and then convoy up to Delaware Town to launch. Last year we did the Shelvin Rock to Hootentown float. Only 5 of us went but we had a blast. I have two canoes and a kayak, so we have craft for extra people who don’t have their own. I also have extra PFD’s. Contact John Bush at 417-772-4180 or Bob Randall at 417-224-1104. Please plan ahead. Don’t just show up unannounced. We need to be organized.

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