2017 Spring MSU Class Summary by Ralph Eichholz

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2017 Spring MSU Class

The spring class is over with, grades turned in and invoices sent to MSU for the class. In many ways this was an unusual class. We had 18 students enrolled, but one never did make it to class. I don’t recall ever giving an F before, but including the no show, we had two this spring. Lots of rain caused us to miss one evening of casting. We had a broken rod, one student’s truck was broken into and his tying kit stolen and another kit was not returned. The university has been asked to hold all of that student’s grades, but I’ve not heard back from them. That’s the bad stuff; most of the students were very enthusiastic and pleased with the class.

Some of the comments from MSU Students, Spring 2017 evaluation form:

Did you enjoy the class:

Yes, I loved my mentor (Russ) Great class.

I absolutely did.

Best thing about the class:

Getting outside.

Making a connection with our mentors.

Getting the hands on experience outside to cast. I love tying flies as well.

Going fishing. The mentors. Tying flies.

Fishing, even though I didn’t catch a thing.

One on one instruction with a good mentor.

Something we could have done better:

More actual fishing days.

It would have been cool if we were required to get a starter kit.

If there’s a way to cast more in the water.

Sometimes assistants were too quick to help us while we figure a skill out.

Went over casting a little more.

Do you expect to use what you learned:

Yes, I plan on coming quite good at fly fishing. Red fishing in the marsh is the goal.

Additional comments:

This was a nice relaxing class. I enjoyed it.

Our mentor (Russ) was very helpful & friendly. Lovely experience. Loved working with everyone.

Thanks for everything.

This class was a really good opportunity for me to broaden my skill set and learn a new hobby/lifestyle. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate the patience. Lastly, I think the way this class is set up is really efficient. The trip to mountain springs gave us all a chance to catch fish and that’s where the basics are learned. Also like how each person has a fishing guide to help them through all the processes. (This was sent to me in an email by a student who missed the Saturday trip).

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