The Davy knot and the Guru

By Bob Randall on Sunday, March 26th, 2017 in Social Events, No Comments

Larry Olson and I went to the Sow Bug Roundup yesterday. Since we are handling the raffles and auctions at the Branson Fly Fishing Expo in July, we didn’t pay much attention to the fly tiers. I didn’t watch a single fly being tied. We did learn a lot about raffles and auctions. Then over the public address system we heard that Davy Wotten was giving a seminar in five mintues. We rushed in and listened to the Guru himself. It was interesting and we learned a lot. Later, I saw him out in the main event room and I demonstrated a Davy knot to him with the question, “Is this the right way?” I use that knot a lot and I think I do it right but possibly up-side-down. He told me I did it wrong and demonstrated it very quickly (far faster than I could absorb) while he answered a question from another person who had joined us. I can at least say that I have been taught the Davy knot by Davy Wotten himself.🤣😝

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