3/11/2017 State Council pre-derby meeting

By Bob Randall on Sunday, March 12th, 2017 in Meetings, No Comments

Yesterday, Saturday the 11th, the MTFA-State Council held its pre-derby meeting. The State Council is the “administrative glue” that makes the St Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and (soon to be) Branson chapters into a single club. Its primary fund raiser is a trout fishing derby held at Bennett Spring State Park. This year it will be on May 20 and 21. A certain number of tags will be attached to the gill cover of selected trout which will be released during the Friday night and Saturday night stocking process. We will sell (take donations) chances for prizes if a tagged fish is caught. If you don’t “buy in” and you catch a tagged fish you get nothing, but if you did buy in you get a prize. Some of the prizes are pretty nice. Two years ago, the grand prize was a kayak. During that weekend we have a business meeting, a presentation (this year by a fly fishing expert), and a picnic. It’s lots of fun. I’ll be camping out in the park that weekend. So what about the meeting yesterday? Well, we distributed the new by-laws which were revised at the December meeting, paid our dues, paid our insurance, discussed the Branson group, and made a few plans for the derby. This year is St. Louis’ turn to run the derby so most of the details will be worked out by their chapter. Mark you calendars to attend the MTFA-State derby.

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