02/01/2017 3 Ways to Improve Your Nymphing Fly Selection

By Bob Randall on Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 in Fishing Wisdom, Flies, No Comments

Since the MTFA program this month is “Tips and Tricks” for fly tying/fishing, you may find this tip interesting. Check this out:
“3 Ways to Improve Your Nymphing Fly Selection”  https://thecatchandthehatch.com/three-ways-to-improve-nymphing-fly-selection/
Thanks to Allen Gardner for granting us permission to post his guides. Allen Gardner owns a fly shop in Colorado. Besides all of the usual fly shop business, he teaches an on-line Entomology course (bugs, specifically from a trout’s perspective) and hosts a Facebook page called The Catch and the Hatch. I have taken the class and read the FB posts regularly. He also publishes free fishing guides.

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