01/21/2017 Roaring River State Park club fishing outing

By Bob Randall on Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 in Fishing reports, Fishing Trip, Social Events, Uncategorized, No Comments

Seven of us went to Roaring River State Park Saturday during the catch and release season.  It was a beautiful day but the fishing was mixed.  Attending was John Bush, Dick Solomon, Larry Olson, Dan Ditzler, Chuck Penland, Chuck’s guest, Mike, and myself.  Dan was sporting a brand new split bamboo rod, fished for the first time on this trip.  I didn’t get to see it but Dan says it has a very smooth and accurate presentation.  Several of us began fishing in the pools across from the historic CCC lodge.  I know of seven fish caught there all on the Dorsey top secret midge in either black and brown, size 20, or on the Ruby 2 midge, probably size 18.  We ran into Chuck and Mike at that location but they fished further down stream.  Dick fished around the big outflow of the hatchery and cleaned up, stating that he quit counting at 50.  I witnessed some of that action and he truly caught them right and left.  We moved up near the outflows.  I still had midges tied on and didn’t expect the outflow trout to choose them but they did.  While Dick was trying different patterns, I stayed with midges until I lost a couple then I picked out a brown Tabou Caddis fly just about the time they started feeding fish in the raceways.  I caught a few on that fly in the feeding frenzy until I spotted a young couple nearby.  He was trying to teach her to fish, so I motioned them over and let them take my spot.  I checked with John who was a little upstream.  He had caught two or three more on the Dorsey’s and Ruby 2’s.  I watched from a distance as Larry brought in a nice one I think on a prince nymph.  We lunched and met up with Dan, Chuck, and Mike.  After lunch, John, Larry, and I went down to zone 2 below the bridge.  We each caught a fish or two but it began to slow down.  There were quite a few anglers down there but not many fish brought in.  I spotted a bench and decided to rest.  I noticed that the bench had been donated by an organization called the Springfield Chapter of the Missouri Trout Fishermen’s Association.

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