01/02/2017 Bennett Spring fishing

By Bob Randall on Thursday, January 5th, 2017 in Fishing reports, Flies, No Comments

Larry Olson and I went to Bennett Spring State Park on Monday, the 2nd. Arrived about 9 and went to the area between the spring creek and the raceways. As we were getting ready midges were flying all around us. I would say they were about a size 32 hook size. We both tied on the smallest dry flies we had. I tied on a size 20 Adams and a dropper of a size 20 Dorsey’s Top Secret midge. I no sooner stepped in the water than I fell hard on my knee. I thought I was going to break my rod as it was between my hand and a rock as I caught myself. Not a scratch. On the rod, that is. I was pretty banged up and my shirt slieves were wet up past my elbows. After feeling sorry for myself (partly because there were witnesses) I finally wet the flies the proper way. Nothing. Not even a polite refusal. Not a whole lot of surface action. I guess we were at the tail end of the hatch. I asked another fisherman what he was catching his fish on. He said an egg pattern so I changed out and caught a couple of bows. I was relatively comfortable until the wind picked up and I had to leave the water and change my wet clothes.

I tried several flies. So did Larry. I finally caught a few on a green and brown nymph and a couple on top secret midges. Larry caught some on a San Juan worm and other flies. After lunch I was fishing where the outflow stream hits the spring creek (some call it the Gut Hole). I had a hot streak for a while then it quit like someone had turned off a light switch. I was tired and it was about time to meet up with Larry. However, I observed that they were feeding the fish in the raceways. OK. I’m a weak man. I tied on a pellet fly to resemble the fish food, mumbled something about how Larry would just have to wait, and went into the outflow stream. I caught three or four more. Had a lot of strikes that I couldn’t set. My total was 14 for the day. Three of which were browns. I don’t know Larry’s total catch. Forgot my camera so just imagine the fish.

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