12/03/2016 By-law change at State meeting

By Bob Randall on Sunday, December 4th, 2016 in Branson, Meetings, No Comments

We succeeded in changing the MTFA-State Council By-Laws at the meeting at Montauk State Park on Saturday, December 3.  The changes which concern the formation of new chapters will provide a clear pathway to becoming a Provisional Chapter, and then a full chapter.  Of course, this is good news for what I call our Branson Expansion as they will soon be able to petition for that status.  After that is accepted by the State Council, they can start calling themselves the MTFA-Branson Chapter.  I have begun the preparation of a petition, new By-Laws, and a proposed budget.

There was full support for the Branson Chapter at the meeting.  The last thing the State President said to me as I was leaving was that he hoped to see the petition soon and that when it is approved he will submit his application for chapter membership in support of this effort.


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