11/09/2016 Trout vote

By Bob Randall on Thursday, November 10th, 2016 in Conservation, Fishing Wisdom, No Comments

I have a couple of college degrees in biology. It doesn’t make me smart but it has made me think. I once said to the professor who called himself “Mr. Bird and Mammal of the Pacific Northwest” (Earl Larrison at the U of Idaho) while observing a couple of owl chicks in a nest that it must be boring sitting in a nest all day. The Professor said, “It helps if you don’t think.” Loved that guy!

I have often observed that animals pay great attention to other members of the same or similar species but don’t give a hoot about other non-predator species. Maybe I’m wrong here, but I don’t think trout give a damn about the election. I’ll think a little for them.

Let’s hope conservation doesn’t suffer. Amendment one, which renewed the Parks and Soil Conservation tax passed. Relief! Governor-Elect Greitens pledged to support conservation efforts when asked by the Conservation Federation of Missouri about his intentions and direction. Let’s hope he does. Let’s hold him to it.

Think like a trout. No, think for a trout.

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