10/09/2016 Trout talk

By Bob Randall on Sunday, October 9th, 2016 in Fishing Wisdom, No Comments

While mowing the yard one day and wishing I was fishing, I made up a standup comedy sketch in my head.  It was about non-verbal trout language.  I laughed so hard at the image in my mind that I almost fell off my lawnmower.  I’ll spare you my humor but today I ran across a serious discussion of trout body language in a webpage for The Wild Trout Trust as follows:

” Trout have body language. When competing for a ‘lie’ they will posture and ‘gape’ by opening their mouths wide and flaring the gills whilst advancing on their opponent. Fighting is kept to a minimum. Submissive fish close their mouth, contract their fins, go pallid and drop towards the stream bed.”

I knew it!  They really do speak!

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